Credit procedure – necessary documents

July 19, 2018 The credit procedure doesn’t have to be scary! If you know the stages that make up the loan procedure, you’ll be ready to apply for a bank loan. You will certainly not miss checking creditworthiness. The possibilities of our budget are one of the factors that has a major impact on the bank’s final decision. How long does the credit procedure take? Check how quickly you will get the money and what documents will be necessary to receive a cash injection.

Credit procedure – stages

Credit procedure - stages

The credit procedure at each bank consists of similar stages. On the page or in the product advertisement, we usually find a shortened description of the process, which results in the payment of additional funds. Such short information does not allow to fully know the details of the procedure of granting a loan and properly prepare for it.
Credit granting procedure:

  1. Submission of a loan application.
  2. Creditworthiness assessment.
  3. Credit decision and signing of the loan agreement.
  4. Loan activation and transfer of funds.

We already know the most important stages of the loan procedure. Let’s find out in detail how to get a loan.

Submission of a loan application

Do you want to take a loan? The first step is to submit a loan application. We will not do this until we have chosen the cash loan offer that suits us. Be vigilant when analyzing proposals! The most important elements of a cash loan are its costs, including:

  • commission,
  • interest
  • insurance.

The above parameters affect the amount of installments, which is why they are very important to us. If all information is clear, we can deal with the loan application. We apply for a loan at a bank, online or by calling the helpline.

What data may the bank require in the application?

  • personal data,
  • contact details,
  • the amount of income,
  • type of employment,
  • the sum of monthly fees, including bills,
  • the number of people living in our household,
  • information on other obligations, e.g. maintenance or sureties.

Important – already on the basis of the loan application, the bank may make an initial credit decision determining whether we are a reliable customer.

Documents necessary for the credit procedure

The necessary loan documents are:

  • ID card,
  • certificate of remuneration received.

Banks will not always require an income certificate. If we are regular customers and have a bank account, we may be released from this obligation. The conditions set by banking institutions are not always associated with rigid credit procedures.
Depending on the form of employment, the bank may also ask us to:

  • employment contract, including: employment certificate issued by the employer and a bank statement or postal order that certifies regular income receipts,
  • civil law contract: proof of payment of remuneration, e.g. bank statement or a copy of the contract concluded with the client,
  • own business activity: a statement from the Tax Office about the amount of income or a photocopy of the tax revenue and expense ledger,
  • annuity: a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution or the Social Insurance Institution about the amount of the retirement or disability pension, or a decision on its granting.

Creditworthiness assessment – what is it about?

Creditworthiness assessment is also necessary for a positive decision to grant a cash loan.
The bank checks our loan repayment capacity taking into account:

  • the amount of monthly income,
  • the number of people living in the household,
  • household maintenance costs,
  • fixed expenses related to other financial liabilities, including credit cards.

During the credit analysis, banks also scan the client’s credit history, which is collected and presented in the form of a point assessment by the Credit Information Bureau. The higher our score, the greater our credit chances are. If we have paid all our liabilities on time, we don’t have to worry about anything.

Credit decision and signing of the loan agreement

After all formalities, the banking institution grants a credit decision and presents the conditions under which it can grant us a loan. According to the Consumer Credit Act, we should receive from the bank an information form containing a description of the main features of the loan.

It indicates the total loan amount, date and method of payment, term of loan, principles and dates of repayment of installments, type of security required, interest rate and APRC, conditions for early repayment of the loan and the consequences of lack of timely payments, as well as information on the possibility of withdrawing from the contract.
If we agree with all the provisions, we can sign a loan agreement.

Loan activation and transfer of funds

The final stage of the loan procedure is to launch the loan and transfer funds. The money will be sent to the account we indicated in the application.

How long does the credit procedure take? The time it takes to process your loan application depends on several issues, including the type of loan, the amount you want to receive, our creditworthiness, and the documentation you need to provide. It is worth waiting patiently and adjusting to the credit procedure to finally receive a loan ideally suited to our preferences and financial capabilities.

Bank’s credit procedures


Let’s check what lending procedures banks use at the top of the cash loan rankings. Monthly summaries help you choose a good offer.

How to take a loan at Z-loan Bank?

The cash loan in Z-loan Bank is a maximum of PLN 200,000 for 10 years without income certificates.

Credit procedure at Z-loan Bank:

      1. Fill out the loan application on the bank’s website. Mark the loan you are interested in, provide contact details and information on sources of income. The initial credit decision will be immediate!
      2. Wait for contact with a consultant who will present the detailed terms of the offer. A loan agreement of up to PLN 20,000 can be concluded by phone. If we are applying for a larger amount, the courier will provide the contract.
      3. Wait for the cash transfer. The bank will release the funds immediately after concluding the contract by phone or immediately after verifying the documents to be delivered by courier.

Z-loan Bank also allows you to apply at a bank branch, and regular customers can apply for a cash injection via online banking.

How to take a loan from Pankor bank?

The cash loan at Pankor bank is up to PLN 120,000 for a maximum loan period of 8 years. We will not pay any costs if we refund money sooner!

Credit procedure at Pankor bank:

      1. Leave contact details on the bank’s website.
      2. Wait for a call from an adviser who will help you choose the best loan offer tailored to our expectations.

The procedure for granting a loan is the simplest for people who are already bank customers. They can apply for a loan in two ways:

      1. The first way: Logging in to the iPKO website.
      2. The second way: Use of the IKO mobile application.

How to take a loan at Getin Bank?

Cash loan at Getin Bank is a loan of up to 200,000 with a flexible loan period of up to 10 years. The advantage of the offer is a quick credit decision.

Credit procedure at Getin Bank:

      1. Familiarize yourself with the loan offer and fill out the form on the bank’s website.
      2. Wait for contact with a consultant – the consultant will call back within 48 hours.
      3. Set the best conditions for obtaining a loan tailored to your needs with an adviser.

We can also go to one of 400 Getin Bank branches and conclude a loan agreement there. Regular customers can enjoy the shortened credit procedure and get extra cash more easily.

Where is the best place to take a loan?

Where to take a loan? The wide range of banks allows you to navigate between different types of loans. Cash and mortgage loans, consolidation loans, for renovation, holidays and car. Banks have a helping hand whenever we need budget support. The signing of the loan agreement should be a well-thought-out decision, which is why we carefully examine each proposal, checking the most important cash loan parameters.

The more demanding mortgage procedure

The more demanding mortgage procedure

Is the mortgage loan procedure more difficult? Cash loan will not meet all our needs. And certainly not buying a construction plot or a house where we want to live a happy life. For this we need more money, i.e. a loan secured by a mortgage.

What is the procedure for granting a mortgage? First of all, it requires a minimum own contribution of 10% of the investment value. It is also necessary to provide a much more extensive set of documents. In addition to proof of income and confirmation of employment from the employer, you will need a land and mortgage register for the property you are buying, information about the property contractor or building permit.

The list of required documents will vary depending on the type of apartment purchased. When we complete the formalities, the bank will carefully assess our creditworthiness. If he gives us a positive decision – we can sign the contract. After receiving the loan, it remains for us to conclude the final contract for the purchase of the house or apartment.

Online loans in 15 minutes with a simplified credit procedure

We don’t always need a bank loan. Sometimes a loan from a family would be enough, but on the other hand – why spoil good relations? It is better to take a loan online, without guarantees, certificates and formalities. For a short or a little longer, with one-off repayment or in installments. The credit procedure for quick loans is much less complicated!

If you want to know the best offers, check the payday rankings. And when you decide that you would prefer to pay back several smaller installments, because your budget may not be able to bear one-time repayment, great proposals for installment loans await you. Checking costs nothing, just like the first free loan, also available in installments. Lenders adapt to the needs of customers, check what else will surprise you!

Credit or loan? Decide for yourself what support your budget needs. You will easily get a cash injection at each financial institution because you already know the credit procedure and know what to expect.