4 Signs That Your Financial Health Is Going Bad

Unemployment in the country hit another record. There are already more than 12 million Brazilians without jobs and the crisis should continue to affect workers, so it is certainly not a good time to be in the red. More than ever it is important that you be aware of your financial health .

Signs Your Financial Health Is Going Bad

How many of these signs below are part of your gift? Beware, the more they are true to you, the greater the chance that your financial health is going bad.

1. Every month you hope to pay all the bills

1. Every month you hope to pay all the bills

Every month is the same thing. You count the days for salary payment and hope it is enough to pay the monthly bills at least. There is an expression that defines this attitude: “Living from salary to salary.”

Leading this life quickly makes you get into a spiral of credit card debt. In addition, gathering assets when you are in this situation is very complicated. Turn on the red alert and try to take control of your finances again.

2. You have no reservations

Regardless of whether you are a civil servant, employee of a large company or even a business owner, having a reserve is very important to deal with critical situations. Illness, unexpected debt, or other situations can appear at any time, and when you are not prepared for it, you can easily fall into the negative.

Set goals and commit to always keep a little. This will help you at important times and allow you to maintain your financial health.

3. You can only pay the minimum credit card

credit card

If you have already reached a level where you can not pay more than the minimum card, red alert on and flashing lights. Revolving interest makes your debt grow very quickly and wipe out your financial health.

Did you arrive in this situation? Then it is time to write down all your debts on paper, cut the possible costs and get ready to pay the outstanding balance as soon as possible. If necessary, a personal loan can be a good solution as interest will be lower.

4. You don’t even know how much you spend per month

6. Mind about how much you paid for things

Someone asks you how much you spend on light, credit card, water, gas, etc., and you have none of these answers. Orange alert. Who is in this situation gets out of control and goes into the red very easy, because they spend without knowing if they can spend.

Be very careful if you are in this situation as there is still a chance you can reverse this and protect your financial health.

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